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About Referral Mastery

Referral Mastery® is a registered trademark and brand owned by the Center for Professional Achievement, Inc. (CPAI), a national consulting and training company. Led by its president Mike Brizz, the CPAI created the Referral Mastery® System. The CPAI has more than 20 years of experience in helping financial advisors and sales organizations become industry leaders in productivity and quality. Since 1988, Referral Mastery® has helped sales professionals and sales companies develop and implement integrated solutions that weave together service and marketing strategies, selling and prospecting systems, sales management, and sales skills. We help companies uncover and remove the critical roadblocks that impede performance, then implement systems that fully capture profitable opportunities.

The Center for Professional Achievement specializes in three major areas:

  1. Accelerating Sales Force Productivity and Effectiveness
    1. Sales training
      • Create a consistent flow of power referrals
      • Eliminate the competition and establish partnerships through consultative selling
      • Shorten the sales cycle and better qualify opportunities through more effective account management and sales call planning
      • Forge stronger client relationships to maximize account penetration and customer loyalty
    2. Integrate and upgrade selling, marketing, and sales management systems
      • Create dominance in profitable target markets
      • Enhance customer loyalty
      • Increase account penetration and cross-selling
      • Raise productivity
      • Strengthen accountability
      • Tightly link sales, service, and marketing strategies
  2. Elevating Service Quality and Responsiveness while Lowering Cost
    1. Streamline internal processes to reduce errors, increase responsiveness, and lower costs
    2. Integrate and leverage sales and service systems to sell higher volumes at a lower cost
    3. Structure your service organization to maximize customer loyalty and increase cross-selling
  3. Leveraging the Power of Teams to Dramatically Improve Productivity, Responsiveness, and Quality
    1. Analyze where and what types of teams will and will not work
    2. Create the proper conditions for teams to work and prepare your staff to succeed with teams
    3. Equip managers to make the conversion from supervising employees to coaching empowered teams
    4. Develop the management systems so mature teams continually improve and achieve significant productivity and quality gains


    Services Offered

    • Sales training
    • Sales management systems and coaching for direct and distributor sales forces
    • Marketing training: Achieving dominance in profitable target markets
    • Design and implementation of prospecting systems
    • Sales automation and territory mapping
    • Service quality and performance assessments
    • Peak performance development programs for the experienced, high level producer
    • Hiring tools - Profiles to determine skill levels, call reluctance, and fit of personality style to the job
    • Internal and external customer service programs
    • Design and implementation of service strategies
    Submit a contact request form or call us at 800-865-2867 if you have a question or want to discuss an area in your business you want to strengthen.

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Client Results . . .

"While last year was a tough year for most advisors, for me it was a record year and so much more. While others advisors were playing defense, I doubled my assets. With the strategies and processes you help me put in place, I was able to re-structure my business to protect my clients and rapidly bring on new HNW clients. With your help, I was able to hit all my targets and bonuses. And I was able to reward myself with my ultimate dream come true. A new Shelby Cobra replica with a 500 hp - 428 Cobra jet engine. I feel like a 6 year old on Christmas morning! Thanks for helping make this happen.

P.S. Next I want you to guide me on how to structure my business so I can take off twice as much time. But remember, I also plan to grow my production by another 50%."

Chuck G., Wells Fargo Advisors

"Your program is the best "How To" on referrals that I've seen in my 22 years in this business."

Jim K, Branch Manager, Smith Barney

"I shake my head in amazement when I look back on my progress. When I started, I was lucky to get 1 referral per month. This past month I generated 40."

Paul A, Wells Fargo Advisors