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Quickly Develop a Loyal Corps of Advocates Who Will Actively Promote You

Referral Mastery Advocate Coaching

How many people can you count on who meet all three of these criteria?

  1. Have influence in the targets markets you most want to penetrate
  2. Want to introduce you to key decision makers
  3. Help you customize your strategy so you get powerfully introduced to exactly the right people, at exactly the right time, with the right message

How would it impact your business if you had many more people who go beyond introducing you to quality prospects and actively campaign for people to do business with you?

Your own experience has proven that there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between clients who appreciate what you do, people willing to refer you, and true advocates who will lead the way and actively promote you to the people you want as clients.

A true advocate can drive your business growth in ways others can't. Because of their influence, they can break down doors and quickly get you to places you cannot go on your own. In addition, a true advocate will help you customize your strategy so you know who to target, what issues to address, and how to position yourself so your message has impact.

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that most advisors fail to tap the extraordinary power of advocates to drive their business growth. Most advisors make these false assumptions:

  • Advisors feel that advocates evolve slowly over a long period of time.
  • Advisors can't influence who will become a true advocate.
  • Advisors can't influence how quickly or how actively an advocate will promote them.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong!

The good news is that you can be one of the few who can proactively and strategically develop a corps of true advocates -- and you can do it MORE QUICKLY than you previously thought.

To make this happen, you need a clear strategy that defines who you need as advocates, how best to utilize their influence, and how to strengthen your bond with potential advocates so they want to take a leadership role in helping you penetrate a profitable target market.

In the Referral Mastery Advocate Coaching process, you will learn:

  • How to identify potential advocates and strategically select those who can most drive your business growth. Just because someone likes you and wants to help you, doesn't mean they can be a productive advocate. Some have more influence and more attractive networks than others.
  • How to assess if someone will be a productive advocate based on the nine key factors.
  • How to profile potential advocates so you understand at a deeper level what is truly important to them and how to position yourself to help them accomplish their most cherished goals.
  • What you can do to make a major impact in your clients' lives and develop an intense bond.
  • How to secure commitments from your advocates to become active promoters for you.
  • How to accelerate the advocacy process so clients take action sooner.
  • How to make advocacy a BIG WIN for everyone.
To learn more about how to leverage your relationships more powerfully and strategically, complete the objective form, call Michael Brizz at 800-865-2867, or submit a contact request form.

The Referral Mastery
Tip of the Month

Signup today and receive Five Principals For Better Referrals.

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Client Results . . .

"While last year was a tough year for most advisors, for me it was a record year and so much more. While others advisors were playing defense, I doubled my assets. With the strategies and processes you help me put in place, I was able to re-structure my business to protect my clients and rapidly bring on new HNW clients. With your help, I was able to hit all my targets and bonuses. And I was able to reward myself with my ultimate dream come true. A new Shelby Cobra replica with a 500 hp - 428 Cobra jet engine. I feel like a 6 year old on Christmas morning! Thanks for helping make this happen.

P.S. Next I want you to guide me on how to structure my business so I can take off twice as much time. But remember, I also plan to grow my production by another 50%."

Chuck G., Wells Fargo Advisors

"Your program is the best "How To" on referrals that I've seen in my 22 years in this business."

Jim K, Branch Manager, Smith Barney

"I shake my head in amazement when I look back on my progress. When I started, I was lucky to get 1 referral per month. This past month I generated 40."

Paul A, Wells Fargo Advisors