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  • Free up an extra day a week
  • Better control your business with less stress
  • Generate more income in less time
  • Deliver more consistent and higher quality client service

"I have doubled my business and have more control of my business than any time in my career."

Gary S., Raymond James

If you’re frustrated because it’s so difficult to find time to both keep your clients happy and continue to effectively prospect, you are not alone. The time demands on you are intense – volatile markets, nervous clients, company changes, product and regulation updates. And they will continue to grow.

The bad news is that unless you upgrade your work processes, the time pressures your feel will get heavier and heavier. The good news is there are proven strategies to get more done in less time and gain greater control of your time and your business. And integrating these proven strategies is easier than you think.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped hundreds of advisors implement strategies that increase growth, improve service quality, and create more free time for family and personal health.

"With your help, I have been able to free up 2 extra days a week. I can now get done in 3 days what used to take me 5 days."

Jeff Q., Edward Jones

To find out if our approach is a fit for you and the challenges you face in your business, call 800-865-2867 or complete the Define Your Objectives worksheet.

How are we able to help advisors create more income, higher service quality, and more free time?

Most advisors get stuck in time traps that gobble up time and sap productivity. While some time traps are easy to spot, others are difficult to see when you are directly involved in the operation. (It’s difficult to see the forest when you are in amongst the trees). By utilizing the combination of our experience and our unique Practice Management Assessment, we can identify the time traps you don’t see. As a result, we can pinpoint where your current work processes are draining away your productivity and slowing your growth.

Over the 20 years of working with top teams, we’ve assembled a vast toolkit of best practices on how to work faster and smarter. These best practices free up surprisingly large chunks of time that you can use for marketing or leisure. We have helped hundreds of teams streamline their processes so they increase both the quality and consistency of their service. This creates a double barrel impact – it simultaneously increases both client loyalty and reduces stress on you and your team.

We also understand that it’s tough to change old habits and upgrade work processes when you are running hard to operate your business and deal with volatile markets. This is why we designed a unique teaching and support program that advisors use to break through barriers that previously held them back. We also help you identify what to “take off your plate” so you have more time and energy to focus on the income generating activities.

When we work with you, we break down the teaching and implementation into small, “bite size” pieces you can easily implement. First, the coaching sessions are limited to 60-90 minutes so they fit easily into your normal work week. Second, we carefully design your implementation plan so you execute only one-step-at-a-time. This provides you the clarity of focus necessary to change behaviors and easily implement work process upgrades. Third, we closely monitor your implementation and provide high accountability so you stay on track and successfully make the habit and process changes. We only go as fast as you can successfully implement.

Many of our advisor clients double or triple their productivity in a surprisingly short time. Some advisors choose to take an extra day or two off each week so they can spend it with family or in leisure activities. Where do you want to use the extra hours and days these strategies will create?

Let’s schedule a time to discuss your business and your goals so we can jointly determine if these strategies can work for you. We guarantee a quick payoff.

Call Mike at 800-865-2867 or fill out the Define Your Objectives form

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Client Results . . .

"While last year was a tough year for most advisors, for me it was a record year and so much more. While others advisors were playing defense, I doubled my assets. With the strategies and processes you help me put in place, I was able to re-structure my business to protect my clients and rapidly bring on new HNW clients. With your help, I was able to hit all my targets and bonuses. And I was able to reward myself with my ultimate dream come true. A new Shelby Cobra replica with a 500 hp - 428 Cobra jet engine. I feel like a 6 year old on Christmas morning! Thanks for helping make this happen.

P.S. Next I want you to guide me on how to structure my business so I can take off twice as much time. But remember, I also plan to grow my production by another 50%."

Chuck G., Wells Fargo Advisors

"Your program is the best "How To" on referrals that I've seen in my 22 years in this business."

Jim K, Branch Manager, Smith Barney

"I shake my head in amazement when I look back on my progress. When I started, I was lucky to get 1 referral per month. This past month I generated 40."

Paul A, Wells Fargo Advisors