How to Sell to Different Types of Buyers

Have you ever wondered why with some prospects things "just click" while with others it feels like you are "pulling teeth" to get them to move forward?

The reason is differences in buying styles. People with different buying styles have different fears, process information differently, and use different criteria to make decisions. Each style has clear preferences in how they wish to buy.

Most sales professionals operate within one selling style because they are comfortable selling in that style. They structure their sales process to appeal to themselves - to the way that responds to the criteria they use in buying. And that's the problem.

Most advisors make a BIG MISTAKE in assuming that most prospects buy the same way the advisor does. If the advisor or sales professional has a "bottom line, get to the point" style, they come across as "high pressure" to people with other buying styles. Sales professionals with a friendly style who focus primarily on "the big picture" can come across as not believable to other styles. Some buyers want to "get to the point" while other buyers have strong preferences for getting comfortable with you before dealing with "the facts".

Since most sales people operate assuming most people are like them, they unconsciously create a barrier with the majority of buyers. As a result, their closing ratios are much lower than they can be.

In "How to Sell to Different Types of Buyers", you will first gain a deeper understanding of your own buying style and your own selling style. You will better understand why you sell the way you do and why you react the way you do in stressful situations.

Second you will learn the key differences between buying styles including:

  • What they fear
  • How they prefer to receive information
  • What is important to them
  • Their buying criteria
  • What turns them off
  • How to establish rapport and credibility more quickly

Third, you will learn how to quickly identify the buying style of the prospect so you can smoothly adjust your approach to make them comfortable. You will also learn what questions to ask in advance of the meeting so you are better prepared.

Fourth, you will learn how to adjust your selling style to make each of the buying styles comfortable making a YES decision much sooner. Just learning what NOT to do with each style can often be the difference maker in whether you capture the new client or lose them.

You will also receive a Buying Style Selling Guide that will help you prepare for meeting and anticipate the questions. You can even bring the Buying Style Selling Guide into meetings with you. This Selling Guide provides a step-by-step guidance on what to do and what NOT to do at each stage of the selling process.

The research on the selling process shows that once prospects have satisfied their "objective criteria" such as competence and price, they want to feel a high level of personal comfort with the advisor. They want to feel there is a "good relationship fit".

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How to Sell to Different Types of Buyers
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